Most Popular 4×4 offroad truck parts


off road part listThe mod bug is one of the most addicting things that can happen to any car or truck enthusiast. It can go from purchasing a windshield decal to lifting your truck up 8 inches off the ground. Once you start you cant stop.

We decided to compile a list of the most popular 4×4 truck mods you can do to your truck, to get it from street queen, to off road king. Check out what you will need to install in order to handle the hardest trails in canada.

Complete Part List for 4×4 trucks

To get your truck trail ready, first things first to make sure its mechanically and structurally sound. DO NOT even attempt this list of mods before you have body and mechanical inspections done to your truck.

Lift Kit

One of the most popular mods for an offroad truck is the lift kit. Lift kits allow you to lift your truck up higher, this is very beneficial when it comes to offroading because it clears a lot more things underneath your truck. It will always be your advantage when it comes to offroading to be higher. A lot of trails are not as clean and obstacle free like they are on the street, so its always better to be able to clear anything below you. Check this article out for info on them before you buy.

Trail grappling tires

A good set of trail tires will make the world of a difference when offroading. Traction is key when trying to get out of a tough hole or steep climb. If your tires cant gain the traction you will be stuck on the trail.  Here they talk about how mud tires really help.

Fender Flares

In order to fit these bigger and badder tires under your truck, you must grab a pair of the best fender flares. These will allow your truck extra tire coverage so you will be allowed to drive your truck on the roads to get to trails. Most cities wont let you have your mud tires out far past your fender, so fender flares are a must have.


Winchs are important especially if you aren’t with anyone on a trail. They can help tow you out of tough jams. You will be very glad you bought a winch especially if you find yourself stuck in a mud pit. They will save your life and your truck.

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