My Top 5 Places to Offroad in Alberta

best trails in alberta

Living in Alberta, Canada makes for a 4x4ing enthusiasts dream. The landscape of the entire province is perfect for offroading. Here are my top 5 places to go offroading with my buddies and friends.

Timeu Creek OHV Recreation Area

Know by most of the locals as Vega, Timeu Creek OHV rec area is found 40 kms north of Barrhead, and it is one of Northern AB’s biggest off roading park.

It offers two campsites with functioning washrooms, which is great if you plan on doing some offroading for a nice get-away weekend.

Timeu Creek is a very remote area in Alberta, so conditions change year road, so be prepared for anything, and make sure your truck is as well.

Bring a GPS, change of clothes, food and water, and bring some 2 way radios, as there is not any cell reception out there.

Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area

Prairie Creek is another favorite of mine, it offers some challenging trails even for the seasoned offroader.

The trails here are ment for all types of vehicles as well. Anywhere in the park is pretty much free rein, but the campground is completely restricted to any type of offroading.

The trails contain a lot of drops, water and tough terrains, so be prepared for all types of fun in the mud here.

Top of the World

A shorter trail but still one of my favorites, The Top of the World Train at McLean creak, just west of Calgary, is any 4×4 enthusiasts dream trail.

Offering steep climbs,  and crazy drops, makes for an awesome adventure.

The trail climbs pretty high, so there are plenty of chances to grab a good photo op with your truck and freinds before heading down.

Make sure you are pretty seasoned, because this trail isn’t for beginners.

Lost Knife Trail

One of my early trails I used to frequent as a beginner, the Lost Knife trail is perfect for those, just starting out in 4x4ing. This trail is easily accessible from Highway 40.

It offers 20 kms of offroad adventures, and a great place to start honing your skills as a trail grappler.

Great trails for first timers, highly recommend checking it out.

Ruby Falls

Just a short drive four and a half hours southwest of Edmonton, Alberta. Ruby Falls gives a great experience for any type of 4x4er.

The trail climbs up a significant amounts, and it features some great obstacles, including all elements of offroading.


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