offroading and 4x4ing

World 4×4 is an online community that loves 4×4 offroading and 4×4 trucks. Our goal is to help other lovers of this awesome world to enjoy their own 4×4 trucks and take part in awesome 4×4 offroad journeys.

What does offroading mean to me?

Getting your 4×4 truck out in the middle of a deserted area where there is no one to help you, hoping you have enough skills and training to get you out of a jam when something happens.

Thats what offreading means to us.

Making awesome adventures, with you and your truck.

The 4×4 Dream

4x4ing and offroading, is a way of life for me. It means the ultimate freedom and nothing holding me back. I can pretty much go anywhere I want. Tackle and control any road and off beaten trail or up mountains and hills. Accept any challenge and go wherever and whenever I want to.

Explore anywhere in my 4×4 lifted truck. With big off road tires and lots of horsepower under the hood.

Live life to the fullest and seize the day.

This is my 4×4 dream!


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